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  • Token Code
  • Nº Tokens Issued
  • Rights of each Token
  • Token Price
  • Exploration Exchange X Coin Token

  • XC-00-99-01
  • Unlimited
  • Each token can be used to purchase all tokens on the Exploration Exchange Platform (www.Exploration.Exchange.com) determined by the terms and conditions of each STO (Securitised Token Offering)
  • US$ 1.00

1. Token Description

XC-00-99-01 (X Coin)

The X Coins can be used to purchase any token on the Exploration Exchange Platform (www.Exploration.Exchange.com) subject to the terms and conditions of each token. These tokens are not redeemable for FIAT currency. The X Coins are not refundable. X Coins are also given to clients under the Exploration Exchange Partner Program (XXPP). X Coins are also given where clients are holding tokens in any particular project that has failed, and Exploration Exchange at its discretion has redeemed the token in the failed project for X Coins. Exploration Exchange will be launched by a regulated Swiss Asset management company (GCC Global Asset Management Limited) (in formation).

Exploration Exchange (www.Exploration.Exchange.com) is a Regulated Token Exchange that gives investors access to all the tokens from GCC Companies focused on resource identification. GCC works with unique mapping technologies all over the world. Investors have a unique opportunity to participate in projects

Resource Project Road Map:

1. Identification of Country 2. Identification of Resource type 3. Use of Satellite Mapping 4. Use of Techno Imaging 5. Drilling 6. Sale of the asset or begin production of the commodity

Once a project reaches level 6, the tokens are all bought back from the proceeds of the sales of the asset or the tokens are moved to one of the other production exchanges such as:




This unique technology allows for identification of resources such as minerals and metals, water and energy such as oil and gas. This technology is faster, less costly and more environmentally sensitive than man-portable devices on the ground.

GCC has access to this unique and revolutionary technology, that has the capacity to analyse big data that is produced by satellites and transform the information into a series of maps that can show the type of resource beneath the surface of either land or ocean floor. The technology is being used to assist GCC GLOBAL RESOURCES to identify resources all over the world.


TechnoImaging is the world’s leading geophysics technology company offering precise 3D imaging of all the structures, resources and mineral deposits several kilometers under the surface of the Earth.

TechnoImaging has a team of acknowledged scientists assembled and based at the University of Utah, partnered under CRADA with the United State Geological Survey (USGS), advocated by the US government (Department of Commerce), and operating worldwide.The recent advances in systems integration enable precise interpretation of all electromagnetic, gravity and radiometric data gathered from airborne surveys and otherwise.

TechnoImaging’s cutting-edge data acquisition, imaging, and analysis render transparent the Earth’s subsurface strata and all its geological secrets – a veritable ‘Glass Earth ® ’ – a transparent underground world with clarity, scale, and unparallel accuracy.

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