• Token Name

  • Token Code
  • Nº Tokens Issued
  • Rights of each Token
  • Token Price

  • CV-00-99-01
  • Unlimited
  • Each token represents either US$ 1 or €1 or $1, less a storage fee, that is physically stored in either a bank volt or a security bonded warehouse managed by a major security firm and fully insured on behalf of the cash volt token holder.
  • US$ 1 or €1 or $1

1. Token Description


With the banking system exposed to greater systemic risks the Cash Volt Token provides the holder of the token the service of cash volt storage for a fee of 0.25% per year. The token holder’s cash in EUR, GBP or USD is taken out of the banking system and warehoused by a major global security firm in a secured bank volt or secure bonded warehouse. The funds are also insured to their full value. We reserve the right to buy back your tokens at the fixed price minus any storage fees and place the proceeds in your respective fiat currency (EUROT, USDT, or GBPT), or to transfer your funds back to your nominated bank account. The Storage Fees are as follows: 1% per annum for the first (1st) year, 0.5% per annum for the second (2nd) year, then 0.25% per annum for all subsequent years. Fees are calculated daily and charged monthly in arears.

2. Risks

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