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  • Company Name
  • Company Jurisdiction
  • Nº Shares Issued
  • Nº Tokens Issued
  • Token Sale Amount
  • Rights of each Token
  • STO+ Price (Securitised Token Offering+ ) + refers to Company being listed on a regulated platform
  • Project Jurisdiction
  • Industry Type
  • Company Valuation
  • Target Valuation
  • Target Token buy back Price
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  • Malta Project Block 8

  • GR-01-01-00
  • GCC GR1 Investments 1 Limited
  • British Virgin Islands (BVI)
  • 10,000,000
  • 10,000,000
  • US$ 2,000,000
  • Each token has the equitable rights of one (1) share of the Company. (No voting rights)
  • US$ 3.00
  • Malta, EU
  • Oil & Gas
  • US$ 30,000,000
  • US$ 1,500,000,000 (1.5 Billion Barrels at US$ 1.00/Barrel)
  • US$ 150.00
  • 2 years ( March 2021 )
  • Yes
  • US$ 500,000
  • Yes

1. Token Description

GCC TOKEN GR-01-01-01 ( TOKEN No. 111 )

The resources industry has always counted as one of the top global sectors for profitable investment opportunities and through tokenisation, the market and opportunities in this industry has become more accessible to businesses and individuals.

As an account holder with Global Consortium Corporation, we can now offer you the chance to buy into a Malta based project via our GCC GR1 Investments 1 Limited company, prior to securing the oil exploration license, with tokens on Sale at US$ 3.00, currently valuing the company at US$ 30,000,000 – and a promising future set at a target valuation of US$ 1,500,000,000. This is calculated by multiplying the estimated number of barrels as indicated by the proprietry technology we have access to (1.5Billion) by the in the ground price we believe we should achieve in a potential future sale of the asset (US$ 1.00).

The GCC’s latest token, the Malta Project Block 8 (TOKEN 111), is currently priced at US$ 3.00 with a targeted buy back of US$ 150.00 within an estimated two years. This is the time we beleive it will take to prove out the oil reserve using traditional technologies and processes.

Each token has the equitable interest of one share of the company - with no voting rights.

With Malta set to become the international hub for crypto trading, the Malta Project Block 8, GCC TOKEN 111 offers incredible trading possibilities. The Malta Government has been working for 50 years to create an oil and gas industry and GCC has a unique opportunity to facilitate the realisation of such an industry coming to life. If you would like to support GCC and be involved in the promotion of Malta as a place to invest then TOKEN 111 could be your vehicle.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an aspiring business, now is the time to embrace the advantages of crypto token trading.

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